October 17, 2018 will mark a new dawn in Canada and the world as recreational cannabis becomes federally legal for all Canadian adults. This landmark has generated a lot of interest from travelers and locals-alike in Winnipeg cannabis tours. Read on and learn about some of the unique experiences which await you when you book your Winnipeg cannabis tour using the tools provided by BestCannabisTours.ca.

About Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is fondly referred to as the “Prairie capital”. It is uniquely located at the exact midpoint between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Winnipeg started out as Port Rouge in 1738 and gradually established itself as the provincial capital of Manitoba, a status it holds to this day. Winnipeg plays a central role in the culture and life of Manitoba dwellers. It is therefore fitting that your cannabis tour includes what this thriving city has to offer.

Attractions You May Want to Include on Your Winnipeg Cannabis Tour

The specific attractions that you select will depend on the season in which you visit Winnipeg because the winters get extremely cold on the prairies. The options below are a mix of outdoor and indoor attractions that you can consider for your own custom cannabis tour.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

winnipeg cannabis tour

What better way to start your Winnipeg cannabis tour than with a visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights? The legalization of medicinal and eventually recreational cannabis is in itself a victory for human rights.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is one of the latest additions to the attractions which Winnipeg has to offer. It is the only museum dedicated to issues of human rights. Your journey through this imposing building will take you through 11 interactive and awe-inspiring exhibits which will inform you about various human rights struggles, such as the holocaust. The top of the building has an aptly named “Tower of Hope” from which you can view most of Winnipeg city.

You will leave the museum with a renewed grasp of how dialogue can be fostered in order to enhance the attainment and respect for human rights. A stopover at a dispensary or cannabis lounge before or after your visit will give you a deserved taste of the benefits of today’s human rights in Canada!


The Royal Canadian Mint

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The Royal Canadian mint is a must-see building if you are interested in the history of currencies and how coins or paper currencies are minted/made. Each coin you hold in Canada was made in this building and you will have a chance to observe the entire process through which coins are minted. If you’re the type of person who enjoys nerding-out on things like this under the influence of cannabis, than this is your place!

The Royal Canadian Mint also mints coins and paper notes for dozens of countries from around the world. Your visit will be crowned with an opportunity to hold a gold bar worth $600,000 in your hands. That is certainly an experience worth queuing for!


Fortwhyte Alive

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Fortwhyte Alive sits on 640 acres of land. It has numerous attractions that can hold your attention in any season of the year. For example, the chance to see bison grazing peacefully in their natural element is unforgettable during the warm months of the year. You can also go fishing or take a boat ride on any of the five lakes and streams within this oasis of nature in Winnipeg. Skiing, snowshoeing or bird watching can be done in winter. This natural habitat offers diverse attractions to utilize all the energy that you have bottled up in you.


The Legislative Building

winnipeg cannabis tours - legislative building

Do you know the most famous citizen of Manitoba? A visit to the neoclassical Legislative Building will tickle your love for mystery as you learn about the numeric codes, masonic symbols and hieroglyphics hidden in the different parts of this building which houses the Premier’s office, the legislative chamber and other government departmental offices. At the pinnacle of this building is the “Golden Boy”, a 5-tonne gold-plated statue. The Golden Boy holds a torch in one hand and a sheaf of wheat in the other hand. These symbolize the agricultural prosperity enjoyed by Manitoba. And cannabis is the newest agricultural treasure added to the list of plants grown in this province!


Cannabis in Winnipeg is in it’s Infancy

With Cannabis just being legalized in October 2018, there aren’t many vape lounges or other cannabis-specific venues licensed to operate in the city, like you may find in Vancouver or Toronto. However, that doesn’t mean you wont have a good time with weed in Winnipeg. There’s lots to do in the city and we do offer custom cannabis tours, so please contact us if you are looking for a tour or cannabis experience in Winnipeg. Check back often as we add new Winnipeg cannabis tours and experiences to our website as the market grows in Winnipeg.


Book Your Cannabis Tour with BestCannabisTours.ca

Winnipeg has many more attractions which cannot be captured in one short blog post. Your best bet is to book a Winnipeg cannabis tour with BestCannabisTours.ca so that a special package can be custom-made to suit the time you have available and the specific type of attractions which you are interested in.


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