Canada is the first developed country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis on a federal level as of October 17, 2018 and this has spurred a ton of demand for Toronto Cannabis Tours. Today we will look at how to choose your perfect Toronto cannabis tour experience using our online booking system at

About Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of over 2.7 million people and a massive urban landscape. Toronto is not the capital city of Canada, but I wouldn’t fault you if you thought it was. With such a large population in the city, there are many cultural and niche attractions to see, with plenty of great places to visit as a cannabis enthusiast.

When choosing your Toronto cannabis tours, you’re going to want to keep the seasonal weather in mind. For outdoor activities you’re going to want to do them in the late spring, summer or fall as temperatures get very cold with snow and ice as the norm in the winter. If you’re visiting in the winter, you’re going to want to choose our indoor-oriented tours to escape the cold.

Top places to see

CN Tower

Toronto Cannabis Tours

The CN Tower is Canada’s tallest free standing structure at 553 meters (1815 ft) in the sky. There is a large multi-level observatory in the CN Tower that is open to the general public, however you must purchase tickets to go up the elevator. The views are breathtaking from the tallest tower in the city as you have a 360 degree panoramic view of the downtown core and surrounding area. If you are feeling brave, you can walk on the world famous glass floor that has you looking straight down where semi trucks appear to be the size of ants. This is definitely a trippy experience and if you aren’t scared of heights we highly recommend checking out the glass floor at the CN Tower!
Stoner’s note: you will not be allowed to consume cannabis in the tower, so you’ll want to spark one up before buying your tickets to go up.

HotBox Cafe Vape Lounge

hot box cafe vape lounge

The Hotbox Café is a Toronto cannabis lounge that has existed for over a decade in the city. Here they have an indoor vaporizer lounge, an outdoor patio where you can smoke joints or bongs, and nightly events 5 days a week (Wednesday-Sunday) including movie nights and super smash bros competitions. It’s located at 204 Augusta Ave, in the heart of Kensington Market. It is located in the back of Roach-O-Rama head shop, and though you can’t see it from the head shop it is surprisingly spacious once you’re inside and even larger out on the patio.

Toronto Islands

toronto islands kayaking

If you are visiting Toronto in the summer, you’ll want to make a day trip over to the Toronto Islands. Here you can relax on the beach, swim in the lake, or take in the breathtaking views of downtown Toronto while enjoying a big old blunt. You can also rent a kayak or canoe for a nice relaxing puff’n’paddle, rent a sailboat, or book a harbour tour.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

toronto cannabis tours

When I’m stoned, I personally love to check out the beauty of nature and all the unique designs and patterns that exist in nature. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a great place to observe the biodiversity of our oceans and lakes. If you enjoy bright colour patterns when baked, then you’re definitely going to want to check out the unique and bright colours of all these underwater creatures on display at the aquarium.
Stoner’s note: You’ll need to get blitzed before entering the aquarium as no smoking (or vaping) is permitted on-site.

Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park & Splash Works Water Park

I’m a huge adrenaline junkie and absolutely love amusement parks so I had to include Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park on this list. Every time I’m in Toronto I try to visit this place as it is the largest amusement park in Canada with more roller coasters than any other park in Canada. If it’s a hot day, you’re going to want to head over to Splash Works Water Park to cool down on some of their large waterslides.

This is a summer only park with limited weekend operations in the fall, please check this link for up to date hours of operation:

Stoner’s note: Smoking joints inside the park is not permitted and there is a security check to get in. Your best bet is to eat an edible for an all-day high or toke up before going inside the park.



Toronto is Canada’s largest city with far too many unique sights and experiences to list them all here. Head on over to our Tours page to browse the various different Toronto cannabis tours happening in the city. Be sure to check back often as new tours and experiences are added! is Canada’s #1 place to find specialty cannabis tours and experiences.


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