Recreational cannabis will become legally available throughout Canada on October 17, 2018. This reality has drawn the attention of the world to the trail-blazing legislation passed by the federal government in Canada. Interest in Ottawa cannabis tours is therefore growing as foreign tourists wish to experience for themselves what life will be like once adults are allowed to consume cannabis for recreational purposes. This article suggests some of the unique attractions that you can include in your own custom Ottawa cannabis tours.

About Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa emerged as a pivotal part of Canada between 1820 and 1840 when Colonel John By made his base there during the construction of the Rideau Canal. The town was initially called “Bytown” after the British army officer who founded it, but the name was changed to Ottawa in 1854. The Parliament buildings were later constructed here, and that sealed the deal for Ottawa as the political capital of Canada. Can you think of a better way to start your cannabis tour than starting from the capital of the country?

Ottawa Cannabis Tours – Places to Visit

Ottawa may not be as large as other Canadian cities, such as Montreal and Toronto. However, it holds its own in terms of attractions for an unforgettable Canadian experience.

Parliament Hill

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Parliament Hill is a must if you are on a cannabis tour of Ottawa. After all, it was in this very location that the law legalizing recreational cannabis was passed. The Parliament Buildings are the biggest feature of Parliament Hill. The Parliamentary Library is the only building on this hill which wasn’t ravaged by the fire of 1916. You can start your tour of Parliament Hill at this building and even attend a question period when the federal parliament is in session.

Don’t miss the changing of the guard every morning during summer. The Canadian Mounted Police performs an elaborate ceremony complete with a regimental band and pipers. Arrive earlier than the 9:30 event if you want to get a good view of the event since it is popular among visitors and locals alike.

Rideau Canal

Ottawa Cannabis Tours

The 200km-long Rideau Canal snakes its way through Ottawa and beyond. You can run, walk or bike along its bank in the warm months of the year. You can also take a boat ride or go canoeing if you are inclined to it. Winter time transforms the canal into the largest naturally frozen skating rink in the world. You will therefore have a wide range of activities to do on this canal regardless of the time of the year when you visit.

The Canadian Museum of Nature

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Is your mind drawn to learning about how the world around us has evolved? The Canadian Museum of Nature is the place for you. You will feast your eyes on numerous exhibits, such as the fossilized remains of dinosaurs as well as how different bird and animal species live. And for dramatic effect, there is a full skeleton of a blue whale, the largest animal on earth!


ByWard Market

Craftsmen and farmers have used ByWard market as a venue to sell their products for more than two centuries. Currently, there are more than 260 stalls in this bustling market. More than 500 other businesses operate around the nucleus of this ancient market. You are therefore sure to find nearly anything you want to buy here, from fresh fruits and vegetables to electronics and antiques.


Enjoy Canada’s Favourite Sport

Ottawa Senators Game

Ottawa, Ontario is a thriving sports community with multiple pro sports teams. If you’re in the city between October and April, you need to check out an Ottawa Senators game. The Senators are a professional hockey team in the NHL and a riot to watch! Discover why hockey is Canada’s favourite sport while you soak in the atmosphere of passionate Canadian hockey fans.

If you plan on watching your game under the influence of the herb, please remember to smoke or vape outside the arena before entering as there is a security check point and you will not be allowed to leave the building and reenter after a smoke.

More Ottawa Cannabis Tours are in the Making!

Ottawa can be seen as the cultural heart of Canada. Cannabis is going to enrich that diverse culture even more in the coming years and decades as the market matures. Book your Ottawa cannabis tour with and enjoy all that Canada has to offer to cannabis lovers. Although there may not be many Ottawa tours available upon legalization, please check back frequently for new tours and experiences on our site. Or if you’re interested in a custom cannabis tour for your group, please contact us and we’ll see what we can put together for you!


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