Legalization is finally here in Canada and we’re just as excited as you are! A legal recreational market has created a ton of new opportunities for cannabis enthusiasts and one of the biggest trends in the industry is Cannabis Tourism. Today we’ll discuss how to book a custom cannabis tour in Canada.


Canada has officially legalized recreational cannabis as of October 17, 2018 and every adult over the age of 19 years of age (18 in Alberta) can now freely purchase and indulge in cannabis. Anyone with valid ID can purchase at a dispensary or online and you do not need to be a Canadian citizen purchase recreational cannabis.


What can you do on a custom cannabis tour in Canada?

We are often asked “What can I do on my custom cannabis tour in Canada?” and our answer to our customers is pretty much anything you can dream of!

…And afford, most people are traveling with a budget so there’s that too.

When determining your dream cannabis experience, ask yourself these three questions:

1.       What is my maximum budget for this?

2.       How much time do I have for an experience?

3.       What would I love to do if I could do anything and smoke weed while doing it?


Some Ideas for Your Custom Cannabis Tour

When traveling to Canada for a vacation, you’re likely going to want to experience some Canadian culture with your recreational weed. Let’s discuss some Canadian classics that you could do on your custom tour.


Poutine and Pot

Poutine originated in the province of Quebec, but has become a Canadian favourite and has contagiously spread all across the rest of the country. If you enjoy some delicious fast food when you’re high, you may want to include a stop at a local poutine restaurant in your custom cannabis tour.

In case you’ve never heard of poutine, it is fresh French fries covered in gravy and large cheese curds. Many specialty shops now offer a full menu of unique poutine dishes like the bacon cheeseburger which is a poutine dish topped with ground beef, melted cheddar cheese and bacon on top of your fries and gravy.

Cannabis & Poutine Tour

Gaming, VR, and Escape Room Experience

For you gamers out there, you may want to consider a gaming-themed cannabis experience. Major cities like Vancouver and Toronto offer a variety of indoor gaming-themed activities. Just outside of Downtown Vancouver is Net-8 Gaming House, where they have private battle rooms, a 135 inch projector screen, private VIP rooms and hundreds of games to choose from.

If you and your mates love to play Fifa, NBA, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, or any other games, you may want to consider adding a cannabis-infused gaming experience to your trip. We also offer Virtual Reality and Escape Room experiences for our cannabis tourists. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we can make it happen.


Snowboarding Trip

Each year thousands of tourists flock to Vancouver, Whistler, and the Rocky Mountains to experience the amazing snow conditions in this region. Whistler has been voted the #1 ski resort in the world many times over. Just outside of Downtown Vancouver, there are three local ski mountains that offer excellent skiing conditions with frequent fresh snowfalls (Vancouver is located in a temperate rainforest so we get lots if fresh snow on the mountains).

If you’re staying in the Rocky Mountains, then there are many ski resorts located all throughout the interior of BC and the west side of Alberta. Banff Resort is a world class ski resort on the westside of Alberta, approximately 1.5 hrs west of Calgary.

If you and your group are avid skiiers and snowboarders who enjoy lighting up while surfing the fresh pow, then you may want to make an infused snowboarding trip part of your cannabis-themed vacation. We offer single day trips and multiday trips and can arrange accommodations for you too. Contact us to learn more.


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Cannabis-infused Fishing Trip

Canada is a hot spot for world-class fishing experiences and we have created packages specifically for people who love to enjoy cannabis while out on the waters. We have created partnerships with fishing guides all across the country, so regardless of where you’re staying, we can likely find you a cannabis-friendly fishing experience.

British Columbia is home to some of the best salmon fishing in the world! We also have ice fishing expeditions if you’re visiting during the winter. If you’re interested in a cannabis-infused fishing experience then do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll build a custom package for you.


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Helicopter Tours

Have you ever been in a helicopter? Have you ever been high as a kite while riding in a helicopter? Helicopter rides are a truly breathtaking experience even when you’re sober, so just imagine what it would be like to smoke a big ole’ blunt just before hopping in a helicopter to see the amazing natural lakes, mountains and scenery that Canada has to offer.


Hiking Tours

If you’re an active person who enjoys cannabis while hiking out in nature, Canada is your place to do this. With one of the largest landmasses of any country and low population density, the Canadian outback is your place to peacefully explore the awe-inspiring nature that Canada has to offer.

If you’re in BC, there are thousands of hiking trails throughout the mountains leading to majestic lakes and mountain top viewpoints where you can have a nice picnic and cannabis session. Remember to be mindful in wildfire season and do not spark up in dry parks, for hot summer days we recommend a vaporizer.

The prairie provinces offer a variety of hiking trails, although they are of a much flatter and laid back nature than the ones you’ll find in mountainous BC. If you’re in central Alberta, a cool place to explore is Drumheller, AB. This area is known as the badlands and has an amazing landscape with hundreds of Hoodoos (pictured above). This region is world-famous for the wide variety of dinosaur fossils found in the area and is home to Canada’s premier dinosaur fossil museum.

If you’re in the eastern region of Canada, rural Ontario and Quebec have thousands of hiking trails too, but finding trails close to Montreal or Quebec may be limited. If you’re in the maritime provinces, there are hundreds of oceanfront hiking trails to explore while you feel the salty ocean air breeze on your face.

How do I book my custom cannabis tour?

If you’re ready to plan out your custom cannabis tour then please contact us today via email! In your email, include what kind of tours and experiences you are thinking of, for how many people, and when you would like to visit.

Our travel agents will then plan your custom cannabis tour in Canada, check on availability with our tour guides, and price out your experience. We can do single day custom tours, multi-day custom tours or multi-week custom tours suited perfectly to your needs.


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