Cannabis is fully legal for adult consumption in Calgary, Alberta as of October 17, 2018 for anyone 18 years or older. In the first year of legalization, no edibles or concentrates will be allowed, only dry flowers and low concentration oils are allowed for recreational consumption. In this article we’ll discuss what you need to know about recreational cannabis and Calgary cannabis tours.

calgary cannabis tours

About Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta with a population of 1.2 million people and is home to the world-famous Calgary Stampede. Every year in July, over one million people attend the ten-day Calgary Stampede which is one of the world’s largest rodeos. Calgary was the first city in Canada to host the Olympic Games back in 1988 where Canada won it’s first gold medal on home soil.

Calgary is also home to the Calgary Flames pro NHL hockey team as well as the Calgary Roughriders CFL pro football team. Calgary is in a dry plains region with mountains to the West and grasslands to the east.

Beware the fridge temperatures in the winter as temperatures can drop below -30 °C. Summers are nice in Calgary with temperatures in the mid 20s to low 30s (Celsius). However, be prepared for any weather in Calgary as it has snowed in the middle of summer in the past. It last snowed in July on July 15, 1999. Imagine spending a summer afternoon inside the vape lounge only to walk outside and see snow in July! That would be trippy!


Cannabis Laws in Alberta

Cannabis will be sold in dedicated private stores or through a government-run website. Cannabis stores are allowed to sell cannabis accessories (pipes, vaporizers, rolling papers, grinders, bongs), but they can’t sell it along with alcohol. Anyone who appears 25 years of age (or younger) will be requested to show the proof of age. People under 18 cannot enter a cannabis store.

If you’re 18 or older, you can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis. However, you can’t transport the herb unless it is packed in an enclosed place that is out of reach for the driver and other passengers in the vehicle. Cannabis consumption is prohibited in vehicles, as well as near hospitals, schools and child-care facility property. Moreover, you can’t smoke cannabis where cigarette smoking is banned.


Are there any Vape Lounges in Calgary?

Sadly, there are no vape lounges currently operating in the city of Calgary or Alberta for that matter. Why? Because of indoor smoking laws that were created to remove indoor cigarette smoking from restaurants and bars over a decade ago. These laws do not permit vaporizing indoors either which makes it illegal for entrepreneurs to open a vape lounge in Calgary.

Best Things to do with Cannabis in Calgary

Skyline Luge Calgary

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If you’re visiting Calgary in the summer, you’ll want to check out the Skyline Luge at Winsport. Soar 1.8km down the world’s longest Luge track! Skyline Luge is a unique wheeled gravity ride that provides riders full control over their descent on purpose-built track.

Visit the Royal Tyrrell National Museum of Paleontology

Many of us were fascinated with dinosaurs back when we were kids. And for some of us, this fascination still exists. Travel back to your younger years and visit Canada’s largest dinosaur fossil collection at the Royal Tyrrell National Museum of Paleontology. This museum is home to a collection of more than 130,000 fossils! You are sure to have a good time pondering the history of life on planet Earth and the origins of today’s creatures after a nice smoke sesh with mary jane.

The museum is 135 kilometers northeast of the city of Calgary, so plan to make this a day trip. While you’re out there, you may want to visit the badlands and see the world-famous Hoodoo rock formations. 

calgary cannabis tours


Visit Calgary Dispensaries

If you’re coming to Calgary as a tourist, you’ll need to hit up a Calgary Cannabis Dispensary  (CNM link) or preorder on the Government of Alberta’s website in order to purchase cannabis flowers legally. There are a number of privately-owned recreational dispensaries in downtown Calgary and the surrounding area set to open when legalization is officially passed.


Indulge in Classic Canadian Foods

Calgary is a major city with a huge variety of Canadian and ethnics foods to choose from. After visiting a dispensary it’s likely you’re going to get the munchies, so why not try some unique Canadian foods? Poutine is a Canadian classic that started in Montreal, Quebec and has expanded across Canada to become a Canadian favourite. Poutine involves taking fresh French fries and smothering them in gravy and mozzarella. If you haven’t tried poutine before, it’s a must when you visit Canada and have the munchies.


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What Cannabis Tours would you like to see offered in Calgary? Leave a comment below!

What Calgary cannabis tours would you like to see us offer on Leave us a comment below with a tour suggestion and enter for a chance to win a free cannabis tour gift card on us!

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