On October 17, 2018, Canada is set to be the first of the G7 industrialized nations to legalize recreational cannabis. This landmark has created a buzz across the world, and many people are interested in getting a firsthand experience of Canadian cannabis via cannabis tours in Montreal. This article discusses what tours are available and explores some of the fascinating activities or places which you can include in your own custom tour.


Are There Any Cannabis Tours in Montreal, Canada?

With cannabis being in a grey market until October, 2018, many of the unique cannabis experiences have had to remain in the shadows, known only by locals who-know-somebody-who-knows-somebody. However with legalization, all of these cannabis experiences can now come out of the shadows and market themselves freely to locals and visitors from out of town.

At BestCannabisTours.ca, we are working to set up a variety of cannabis tours in Montreal. Although we don’t have any specific tours in the city at the time of writing this article, please contact us and let us know what kind of custom cannabis tour you are looking for and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Some Noteworthy Places in Montreal to Visit When You’re Stoned

Mont Royal Park

cannabis tours in montreal

Mont Royal Park is regarded as the “green lung” closest to the center of Montreal city. The park overlooks the city since it sits 233 meters above the city. Stroll through this park and get a feel of the cemeteries in which the ethnic tribes have put their dead to rest over the centuries. The platform just below the cross in the park allows visitors to take in the breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Ile de Montreal. Numerous monuments, such as the monument to Jacques Cartier (the first Frenchman to land in Montreal) can also be viewed.

Vieux-Montreal (Old Montreal)

Your cannabis-infused explorations of Montreal can never be complete until you have taken a stroll through Old Montreal. Or if you don’t feel like walking, we recommend renting a horse-drawn buggy as you cruise the streets and enjoy the sights of Old Montreal. This section of downtown Montreal has a fascinating collection of centuries’ old buildings that date all the way back to the 17th century! Architecture this old is a very rare find in a young country like Canada.

cannabis tours in Montreal

Your visit to landmarks like the Notre-Dame Basilica (above) and Pointe-a-Calliere museum of history and archeology will be an enthralling experience if your mind has just been energized by a cannabis joint or vaporizer sesh.


The Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanique)

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Montreal also hosts a unique botanical garden in the grounds were the Summer Olympics of 1976 were held. 10 greenhouses and 30 themed exhibition gardens form the heart of this ecological melting pot. The different gardens showcase plants and trees from the different climatic zones and seasons of the world, such as alpine tree species and miniature Chinese trees. This botanical garden is so rich that you will get an intimate feel of numerous places around the world which you have only been imagining or seeing in movies.

St. Joseph’s Oratory (Oratoire Saint-Joseph)

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The patron saint of Canada is St. Joseph. St. Joseph’s Oratory is dedicated to this patron saint. The site has a large Basilica built in 1924. Brother Andre (canonized in 1982) performed many miraculous acts in this place where he had built a chapel in 1904. That small chapel still stands today and it contains his tomb. Countless believers conduct pilgrimages to this Oratory each year. A visit to this spiritual mecca will leave you renewed in mind and spirit after you have listened to the rich history behind Oratoire Saint-Joseph.

Parc Jean Drapeau

Cannabis tours in Montreal, Quebec

Parc Jean Drapeau is a combination of the artificial island of Notre Dame and the island of Ile Sainte-Helene (named after the wife of Samuel de Champlain). The main attraction here is the biosphere which was constructed as part of Expo 1967. This biosphere is now a museum focused on ecological issues. Parc Jean Drapeau is an ideal site to include in your Montreal cannabis tour if you are moving with your entire family. This is because you will have plenty to do as a family, such as enjoying the games and rides at La Ronde Amusement Park and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (a race course).


The Cannabis Market is still in its Infancy

Cannabis Tours in Montreal, Quebec will keep evolving as time passes and more places open their doors to address the needs of cannabis consumers in a legalized market. If you can’t find the cannabis experience you are looking for in Montreal or Quebec, please contact us and we’ll try to create a custom cannabis experience for you and your group!

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